Episode 60 – Numbah Two

The Hip and Lip tie a bow on the “always a bridesmaid” New York Rangers’ 2016-17 season and the Lip emphasizes how this loss should really stick in the craw of Rangers fans.  The Hip proceeds to draw a parallel in the (yet again) failure of the Washington Capitals; the Lip briefly comments on the in-progress NHL conference finals and reminds listeners of his rooting interest for the rest of the playoffs (GO PREDS GO!).  The boys actually spend more than 30 seconds on the NBA playoffs but it always leads to the inevitable, “Can we just get to the finals already?!”  The Hip and Lip pay their own respective tributes to “The Captain” on the heels of his retirement ceremony at Yankee Stadium, as the Hip impugns the labeling of the Derek’s tax situation as an “off the field blemish.”  The baseball segment is capped with the Hip pointing out the lack of quality starting pitching and the boys taking pity on the Mets “everything” woes.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Three 3’s Brewing Co. – Kaos IPA

Episode 59 – Harvey Danger

The Hip and Lip analyze the latest NY Rangers collapse.  The Lip questions Tanner Glass’s presence in the Rangers’ lineup while the Hip inquires as to who would be a better choice going into the critical game 6.  The Lip cannot contain his excitement over the Williamsburg background of the Kentucky Derby winner while the Hip enjoys a laugh over the Lip’s tracing of the horse’s lineage.  Onto baseball, the Hip questions if Aaron Judge can maintain his insane home run to fly ball ratio and the Lip gives props to Yankees GM Brian Cashman for his savvy acquisitions.  The duo then bemoan the latest Mets soap opera involving the suspension of a former star pitcher and wonder if a prank involving a lewd object was a partial reason.  The Lip finishes up with a (sorta) apology to Boston sports fans.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Evil Twin Brewing – I Speak the Language of Television IPA

Episode 58 – Lat Hair

The Hip and Lip break down the first three games of the NY Rangers series including the wackiness of game 2 and the “easy” Rangers victory in game 3.  The Lip details the Caps-Pens series and implores all casual fans to tune in after a potentially series altering injury ratcheted up the intensity.  The NFL draft is next up–the Hip was incredulous at the J-E-T-S 2nd round selection yet exhaled when the Bears took Mitchell Trubisky.  The Lip puts Eli on watch with the Giants 3rd round selection.  The Mets’ ineptitude in handling its players leaves the boys speechless as they marvel at Aaron Judge’s exit velocity that has taken the league by storm.  The Lip takes a shot at Boston sports fans after the shameful display at Fenway.  The Hip provides this week’s HMOZ detailing a Mets’ giveaway with an ironic twist that follically challenged Mets fans might find appealing.   

Hipster Beer of the Week: Barrier Brewing Company – Tanto

Episode 57 – Trapping Senators

The Hip and Lip break down the Rangers’ playoff series win over the offensively challenged Habs. The Lip gives the Rangers credit, but feels the need to throw a little cold water on the Rangers victory due to the Canadiens’ inability to score. The Lip previews the next series against the next “Canadian” team while the Hip questions the Lip’s objectivity with his prediction. The Hip allows the Lip a moment for Islanders and Belmont speculation but the Lip of course feels the need to use the Blackhawks’ recent move to criticize Islanders management. The boys then remind everyone (in case you didn’t hear) that the NFL draft is this Thursday and speculate on potential positional picks for the locals. The guys implore Met fans back from the ledge while the Hip questions the sustainability of the Yankees starting pitching. The HMOZ demonstrates just how cool the Hip and Lip are and involves an old favorite from a past HMOZ.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Founders Brewing – Kentucky Breakfast Stout

Episode 56 – Epic Easter

The Lip “teases” the audience by quoting our 2nd President as a prelude to his admonishing of two NY GM’s!  The Hip and Lip break down the first three games of Habs – Rangers while the Lip calls for Rick Nash to put the team on his back and is clearly exasperated over the media’s obsession with the team’s MSG struggles.  The Hip takes umbrage with the media’s exploitation of Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas’ personal tragedy and chronicles MLB’s early feel good story of former Korean League star Eric Thames.  The boys then briefly touch on the recent Eli Manning “scandal” and question if his pristine image is forever tarnished due to the lure of a quick buck on “game used” equipment.  The Lip commemorates the 30th Anniversary of the Easter Epic as part of the HMOZ.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Other Half Brewing – Broccoli, Double Dry Hopped Broccoli, Cheddar, Broccoli Cheddar, Cabbage

Episode 55 – The Tradition Unlike Any Other

The Hip and the Lip ring in the Passover Holiday talking about another annual tradition that Jim Nantz, errr I mean the Hip, so eloquently and vividly illustrates.  The duo then gently mock the classic overreactions to the first week of the baseball season that culminates in a bold prediction by the Hip for future Mets-Phillies games.  Oh and by the way, the Hip just learned that Josh McCown is a New York Jet!  The Lip gives a full breakdown of the Habs-Rangers series while illuminating the Hip (and we hope our listeners) with some hipster tidbits about “Les Habitants.”  The Lip finally wraps up the Islander season by pleading with the owners to take action that he has been yelling about forever, even if it results in an Egyptian curse reigning down upon Brooklyn!  There are “Hipstah Moment of Zenith’s” abound throughout, so choose your own!

Hipster Beer of the Week: Finback / RAR Brewing – Gumdrop Mountain

Episode 54 – 90 for 90

The Hip and Lip kick off opening week of Major League Baseball by talking…college basketball!  They recap Final Four weekend and marvel at the “fabulous fundamental” basketball on display.  While the Lip is incredulous at the amount of fouls called in the championship game, the Hip provides some historical context that surely caught the Lip off guard.  The boys then move into baseball with a recap of the disastrous Tanaka debut as well as a full preview of the 2017 New York Mets.  The Lip gives his “formula” for success for the Mets while the Hip urges, “Don’t sleep on the Phillies.”  The duo slip in a little NFL by mourning the loss of Phil Simms with Jim while the Lip admonishes the NFL’s latest greedy maneuver.  The Hipstah Moment of Zenith was truly an “uptuck” moment for the Lip and Hip (even if he won’t admit it).

Hipster Beer of the Week: 3 Floyds Brewing Company – Zombie Dust

Episode 53 – Bird Is the Word

The Hip is back in Metropolitan NYC and that means a temporary suspension of the caressing voice.  The Hip bids farewell to his Wolverines and discusses how a near close encounter with the SC Gamecocks paved their way to the Final Four.  The boys give their full 2017 New York Yankees preview and how Michael Pineda’s ineffective wildness and opposing batter exit velocity contribute to the team’s downfall!  The Lip thinks the end is near for the Islanders after their latest home debacle and describes in painful detail some “hatchet work” by Sidney Crosby.  The guys enjoy a laugh over a “trolling” type of comment made by Islanders’ commentator Brendan Burke as part of the Hipstah Moment of Zenith.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Tree House Brewing Company – Julius

Episode 52 – Caressing Wolverines

The Hip is on the road!  To avoid any hotel disturbances, the Hip introduces to us his “caressing” voice to break down the first weekend of the NCAA tournament.  The Hip’s bracket is still intact while Mike Francesa’s has no Final Four teams remaining!  The Lip dazzles with the all encompassing college basketball mantra of “balance wins championships.”  The Hip provides a little “not so encouraging” Matt Harvey update while the Lip questions the New York Giants’ strategy regarding their left tackle.  The Lip devolves into full rant mode after the Cavs followed the Warriors’ blueprint of playing D-League squads on a nationally televised “Game of the Week.”  The duo cap off expressing their pessimism about the Islanders chances for the playoffs and the Lip pays homage to the greats, Chuck Berry and Jimmy Breslin.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Equilibrium Brewing – MC2

Episode 51 – Softly Spoken Tax Return

Hip and the Lip celebrate the release of Donald Trump’s 2nd grade book report length tax return!! The boys break down the soon to be NCAA basketball field of 64 teams and each provides one final four pick (get your pens ready!!). The Lip notes some hypocrisies and general unfairness of the NCAA basketball system. The Hip reveals his own “Hipster Moment of Nadir.” The Lip again chastises the Islanders’ GM on the heels of one of the worst goaltending performances of the season leading to the question… “Where’s Jaro?”  The segment concludes with the Lip expressing his man crush for the Islanders most recent call up.

Hipster Beers of the Week: Singlecut Beersmiths – Jenny Said and Double Dry Hopped Softly Spoken Magic Spells