Episode 57 – Trapping Senators

The Hip and Lip break down the Rangers’ playoff series win over the offensively challenged Habs. The Lip gives the Rangers credit, but feels the need to throw a little cold water on the Rangers victory due to the Canadiens’ inability to score. The Lip previews the next series against the next “Canadian” team while the Hip questions the Lip’s objectivity with his prediction. The Hip allows the Lip a moment for Islanders and Belmont speculation but the Lip of course feels the need to use the Blackhawks’ recent move to criticize Islanders management. The boys then remind everyone (in case you didn’t hear) that the NFL draft is this Thursday and speculate on potential positional picks for the locals. The guys implore Met fans back from the ledge while the Hip questions the sustainability of the Yankees starting pitching. The HMOZ demonstrates just how cool the Hip and Lip are and involves an old favorite from a past HMOZ.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Founders Brewing – Kentucky Breakfast Stout

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