Episode 61 – David and Goliaths

The Hip and Lip dive into a preview of the first meaningful NBA game in a year and agree with the universal sentiment that seven months of preseason is enough.  The Lip gives a smidge of analysis for Cavs-Warriors Part Trece, while the Hip ponders whether the greatness of Lebron is truly appreciated by the general populace.  The discussion then moves to the “other” finals and the Lip immediately points out the perceived “David vs. Goliath” matchup in the NHL as opposed to the two Goliaths in the NBA.  This stark difference in the two finals spurs a discussion on how the NHL/NBA playoffs have been almost polar opposite, although the Hip throws cold water on the debate by saying “apples and oranges.”  The Hip gives an impassioned soliloquy on the broader trends surrounding the latest Tiger Woods story and the Lip concludes with three HMOZ moments that occurred during Game 1.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Dogfish Head Brewery – Single Hop Bru-1

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