Episode 58 – Lat Hair

The Hip and Lip break down the first three games of the NY Rangers series including the wackiness of game 2 and the “easy” Rangers victory in game 3.  The Lip details the Caps-Pens series and implores all casual fans to tune in after a potentially series altering injury ratcheted up the intensity.  The NFL draft is next up–the Hip was incredulous at the J-E-T-S 2nd round selection yet exhaled when the Bears took Mitchell Trubisky.  The Lip puts Eli on watch with the Giants 3rd round selection.  The Mets’ ineptitude in handling its players leaves the boys speechless as they marvel at Aaron Judge’s exit velocity that has taken the league by storm.  The Lip takes a shot at Boston sports fans after the shameful display at Fenway.  The Hip provides this week’s HMOZ detailing a Mets’ giveaway with an ironic twist that follically challenged Mets fans might find appealing.   

Hipster Beer of the Week: Barrier Brewing Company – Tanto

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