Episode 54 – 90 for 90

The Hip and Lip kick off opening week of Major League Baseball by talking…college basketball!  They recap Final Four weekend and marvel at the “fabulous fundamental” basketball on display.  While the Lip is incredulous at the amount of fouls called in the championship game, the Hip provides some historical context that surely caught the Lip off guard.  The boys then move into baseball with a recap of the disastrous Tanaka debut as well as a full preview of the 2017 New York Mets.  The Lip gives his “formula” for success for the Mets while the Hip urges, “Don’t sleep on the Phillies.”  The duo slip in a little NFL by mourning the loss of Phil Simms with Jim while the Lip admonishes the NFL’s latest greedy maneuver.  The Hipstah Moment of Zenith was truly an “uptuck” moment for the Lip and Hip (even if he won’t admit it).

Hipster Beer of the Week: 3 Floyds Brewing Company – Zombie Dust

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