Episode 65 – Hypocalypse 2018

The Hip and Lip dive into the latest Yankee trade (of course after Lip’s tirade on this heatwave), and the Lip gives his stamp of approval.  While the Lip is enthused by the extraordinary depth in the Yankee bullpen, the Hip emphasizes the Yankees’ need to address a glaring weakness that is starting pitching; the Hip’s solution….Jhoulys Chacin!  (Give yourself a cookie if you can pronounce that.)  The guys feel obliged to mention the recent hiring in the Knicks front office, but are in full WGAS mode regarding the significance of it.  In a full John Oliver-inspired “main segment” of the week style, the Hip puts on his “lawyer fedora” to break down the recent nod from the Supreme Court to weigh in on the issue of sports gambling. (Give yourself a box of cookies if you can follow the legalese that the Hip throws at you.)  With the sports leagues as the plaintiffs in this case, the hypocrisy of their argument is once again at the forefront of this “controversial” topic.  The Lip concludes with a homage to legendary sportscaster Bob Wolff.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Firestone Walker Brewing Co. – Leo v. Ursus: Adversus

Episode 64 – All the Leaves Are Brownish

The Hip and the Lip are back and BETTER…(well roughly the same).  They discuss the “Midsummer Classic,” which was anything but, although the Hip got a kick out of the chaotic stylings of the Home Run Derby starring Aaron Judge.  The guys then feel obliged to give a mid-term report card of the struggling Yankees and the dull and boring Mets.  The Hip takes umbrage with an inept twittah sent regarding “man of the people” Jose Reyes, while the Lip expresses excitement for all the anticipated newspaper columns regarding what strategy the Yankees should enact prior to the trade deadline.  Speaking of inept, the boys can only laugh at the combined $80M given to Tim Hardaway, Jr. and Ron Baker by “acting” Knicks president Steve Mills.  The Lip gives us all his Islander fix by speculating on the future of John Tavares as well as whether the Islanders will be playing alongside the ponies.  A potpourri of HMOZs including a “Wrigley Leaf” oozing with aura as well as another fat, pompous blowhard contaminating the airwaves at WFAN.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Monkish Brewing Co. – Rushing Radioactivity

Episode 63 – Streit not Strait

The Hip and Lip prepare you all for the “unofficial” beginning of the summer with the conclusion of the winter sports finals (Hip kiboshes a Lip weather report in the process).   The Hip begins the NBA Finals breakdown with his amazement of the two minutes that Lebron was off the court in Game 3.  The Lip prepares everybody for a repeat by the Warriors assuming that everyone comes back, and of course gets in Lebron’s legacy.  The Lip tips his cap to the Pittsburgh Penguins and old friend Mark Striet while pondering the impact of the “waived off” goal in Game 6.  The segment concludes with the Lip welcoming Predators fans to the “Mike Milbury sucks” club.  On to baseball the boys “break” the latest CC news and the Hip wonders if the Yanks have enough starting pitching to sustain their play.  The Hip tries to duplicate the Mets PA announcement of a Cespedes “non-injury” exit during a blowout and the Lip’s advice to the Mets is to “hang in.”   The original Batman is the HMOZ subject tribute.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Perennial Artisan Ales – Sump Coffee Stout

Episode 62 – Nutty Nashville

The Hip and Lip break the news of the exploits of the incredible Lebron errr Scooter Gennett!  The boys talk NBA Finals, and why not considering how compelling the first two games have been.  The Lip enjoys the show that is Golden State while the Hip asks if the Warriors are one of the top five teams in the history of the game.  The guys move into the Stanley Cup Finals, of which the biggest star is a city in Tennessee (let that sink in).  The Hip and Lip dig NBC’s approach to the series of showcasing the city of Nashville and replacing intermission analysis with Carrie Underwood commentary.  The Lip briefly touches upon the 1992 Pittsburgh Penguins while the Hip is not as amazed as a “normal” person should be that the Lip owns VHS tapes of the 1992 Patrick Division Finals.  The Hip recites the stellar pitching performance of one Masahiro Tanaka while the Lip points out the alarming number of home runs that he’s given up.  The HMOZ involves dividing 115 beers between 5 dudes in 10 hours.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Orpheus Brewing – Atalanta

Episode 61 – David and Goliaths

The Hip and Lip dive into a preview of the first meaningful NBA game in a year and agree with the universal sentiment that seven months of preseason is enough.  The Lip gives a smidge of analysis for Cavs-Warriors Part Trece, while the Hip ponders whether the greatness of Lebron is truly appreciated by the general populace.  The discussion then moves to the “other” finals and the Lip immediately points out the perceived “David vs. Goliath” matchup in the NHL as opposed to the two Goliaths in the NBA.  This stark difference in the two finals spurs a discussion on how the NHL/NBA playoffs have been almost polar opposite, although the Hip throws cold water on the debate by saying “apples and oranges.”  The Hip gives an impassioned soliloquy on the broader trends surrounding the latest Tiger Woods story and the Lip concludes with three HMOZ moments that occurred during Game 1.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Dogfish Head Brewery – Single Hop Bru-1

Episode 60 – Numbah Two

The Hip and Lip tie a bow on the “always a bridesmaid” New York Rangers’ 2016-17 season and the Lip emphasizes how this loss should really stick in the craw of Rangers fans.  The Hip proceeds to draw a parallel in the (yet again) failure of the Washington Capitals; the Lip briefly comments on the in-progress NHL conference finals and reminds listeners of his rooting interest for the rest of the playoffs (GO PREDS GO!).  The boys actually spend more than 30 seconds on the NBA playoffs but it always leads to the inevitable, “Can we just get to the finals already?!”  The Hip and Lip pay their own respective tributes to “The Captain” on the heels of his retirement ceremony at Yankee Stadium, as the Hip impugns the labeling of the Derek’s tax situation as an “off the field blemish.”  The baseball segment is capped with the Hip pointing out the lack of quality starting pitching and the boys taking pity on the Mets “everything” woes.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Three 3’s Brewing Co. – Kaos IPA

Episode 59 – Harvey Danger

The Hip and Lip analyze the latest NY Rangers collapse.  The Lip questions Tanner Glass’s presence in the Rangers’ lineup while the Hip inquires as to who would be a better choice going into the critical game 6.  The Lip cannot contain his excitement over the Williamsburg background of the Kentucky Derby winner while the Hip enjoys a laugh over the Lip’s tracing of the horse’s lineage.  Onto baseball, the Hip questions if Aaron Judge can maintain his insane home run to fly ball ratio and the Lip gives props to Yankees GM Brian Cashman for his savvy acquisitions.  The duo then bemoan the latest Mets soap opera involving the suspension of a former star pitcher and wonder if a prank involving a lewd object was a partial reason.  The Lip finishes up with a (sorta) apology to Boston sports fans.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Evil Twin Brewing – I Speak the Language of Television IPA

Episode 58 – Lat Hair

The Hip and Lip break down the first three games of the NY Rangers series including the wackiness of game 2 and the “easy” Rangers victory in game 3.  The Lip details the Caps-Pens series and implores all casual fans to tune in after a potentially series altering injury ratcheted up the intensity.  The NFL draft is next up–the Hip was incredulous at the J-E-T-S 2nd round selection yet exhaled when the Bears took Mitchell Trubisky.  The Lip puts Eli on watch with the Giants 3rd round selection.  The Mets’ ineptitude in handling its players leaves the boys speechless as they marvel at Aaron Judge’s exit velocity that has taken the league by storm.  The Lip takes a shot at Boston sports fans after the shameful display at Fenway.  The Hip provides this week’s HMOZ detailing a Mets’ giveaway with an ironic twist that follically challenged Mets fans might find appealing.   

Hipster Beer of the Week: Barrier Brewing Company – Tanto

Episode 57 – Trapping Senators

The Hip and Lip break down the Rangers’ playoff series win over the offensively challenged Habs. The Lip gives the Rangers credit, but feels the need to throw a little cold water on the Rangers victory due to the Canadiens’ inability to score. The Lip previews the next series against the next “Canadian” team while the Hip questions the Lip’s objectivity with his prediction. The Hip allows the Lip a moment for Islanders and Belmont speculation but the Lip of course feels the need to use the Blackhawks’ recent move to criticize Islanders management. The boys then remind everyone (in case you didn’t hear) that the NFL draft is this Thursday and speculate on potential positional picks for the locals. The guys implore Met fans back from the ledge while the Hip questions the sustainability of the Yankees starting pitching. The HMOZ demonstrates just how cool the Hip and Lip are and involves an old favorite from a past HMOZ.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Founders Brewing – Kentucky Breakfast Stout

Episode 56 – Epic Easter

The Lip “teases” the audience by quoting our 2nd President as a prelude to his admonishing of two NY GM’s!  The Hip and Lip break down the first three games of Habs – Rangers while the Lip calls for Rick Nash to put the team on his back and is clearly exasperated over the media’s obsession with the team’s MSG struggles.  The Hip takes umbrage with the media’s exploitation of Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas’ personal tragedy and chronicles MLB’s early feel good story of former Korean League star Eric Thames.  The boys then briefly touch on the recent Eli Manning “scandal” and question if his pristine image is forever tarnished due to the lure of a quick buck on “game used” equipment.  The Lip commemorates the 30th Anniversary of the Easter Epic as part of the HMOZ.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Other Half Brewing – Broccoli, Double Dry Hopped Broccoli, Cheddar, Broccoli Cheddar, Cabbage