Episode 37 – Fitz and Temper Tantrums

Hip and the Lip reiterate the New York Giants’ trend of slow offensive starts and the defense taking over in games; Giants fans will take the five game winning streak. They then discuss the reinsertion of Ryan Fitzpatrick as the New York Jets host the New England Patriots this Sunday. Lip tries to add color to a no change situation of the bottom of the league New York Islanders.

Hipster Beer of the Week – Brotherton Jersey Devil Double IPA

Episode 36 – Kurt’s Juicy Likes

Hip and the Lip kick off with some excitement surrounding the New York Giants’ four game winning streak, most recently outlasting the Bengals 21-20.  They then gloss over the New York Jets, because there isn’t much more to discuss there; except for initiating a rumor of Tony Romo serving as the Jets starting QB next year.  And surprise, surprise, the Lip shares some morbid thoughts of his New York Islanders.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Finback Cell

Episode 35 – Like Oh No

The Hip and the Lip close the book on the 2016 MLB season with a review of the World Series.  They then discuss how they will discuss the New York Jets less and less each week over the remainder of the season.  The New York Giants, however, are poised to improve as the season progresses following an impressive win against divisional foe Philadelphia Eagles.  The Lip then offers his displeasure with the state of the New York Islanders as a team heading in the wrong direction.


Hipster Beer of the Week: Other Half / Trillium Like Whoa