Episode 55 – The Tradition Unlike Any Other

The Hip and the Lip ring in the Passover Holiday talking about another annual tradition that Jim Nantz, errr I mean the Hip, so eloquently and vividly illustrates.  The duo then gently mock the classic overreactions to the first week of the baseball season that culminates in a bold prediction by the Hip for future Mets-Phillies games.  Oh and by the way, the Hip just learned that Josh McCown is a New York Jet!  The Lip gives a full breakdown of the Habs-Rangers series while illuminating the Hip (and we hope our listeners) with some hipster tidbits about “Les Habitants.”  The Lip finally wraps up the Islander season by pleading with the owners to take action that he has been yelling about forever, even if it results in an Egyptian curse reigning down upon Brooklyn!  There are “Hipstah Moment of Zenith’s” abound throughout, so choose your own!

Hipster Beer of the Week: Finback / RAR Brewing – Gumdrop Mountain

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