Episode 79 – Turgid Times

The Hip dumbfounds the Lip with James Harden’s best impression of the “black hole of basketball.”  They segue into NFL “championship sunday” including the Hip’s donning of his “legal fedora” that perfectly captures the bounds of OUTRAGE towards the blown PI call in the NFC game.  The Lip bemoans yet another Pats appearance in the “big game” due to an OT rule which he demands to be changed, while the Hip takes a “too bad” angle while providing a “proof is in the pudding” stat of how the Pats kept wunderkind Pat Mahomes in check.  The PREVIEW begins with the boys concurring that Todd Gurley must show up for the Rams to emerge victorious and the perhaps the Hip has more faith in “boy wonder” Sean McVay than the Lip. The Lip asks viewers to watch the “fat guys” in the middle when the Rams have the ball and yet again singles out Aaron Donald.  Ultimately the Lip goes against every fiber of his being with his pick, while the Hip is still bedazzled by the uncanny prowess of the sideline general of the Rams with his pick. The guys cap off their “bowl” preview with a prediction as to the “real star” of Super Bowl 53, a former Hip fantasy favorite, and a national sensation in the CBS booth to which the Hip asks, “Why didn’t anyone else do this before?”  A brief “best team in NY” soliloquy from the Lip, and the Hip’s follow up to his Michigan b-ball (over exuberant?) unrecorded hot take from last episode. The HMOZ features a less than Romo-esque performance at the Pro Bowl, plus a “lewd” segment on Arizona politics that might make you just a bit turgid!

Hipster Beer of the Week:  Industrial Arts Brewing – Wrench

Episode 78 – We’re Back

The Hip and the Lip are BACK!!!  After almost a year hiatus (reason to be revealed on the next episode), the dynamic duo make their triumphant return.  While the Lip was keen on recapping all of the events from the past eleven months, the Hip made sure to keep the Lip current as the boys dove right into…JED LOWRIE!!! (for the uninitiated with super H advanced stats, the Hip reveals why mets fans should be excited).  After trashing another “banner year” for NY football, coupled with the Lip’s Pat Shurmur impression and the Hip’s initial impression of Crazy Eyez Gase, they dive into the lackluster divisional NFL playoffs and the end of the Nick Foles magic (hello 2019 NY Giants Starting QB!).  The Hip reveals that his little four-year-old Hip has been selecting his playoff picks and goes with the Rams and Chiefs as the picks for Championship weekend. The Lip concurs with the Chiefs (despite a tangent on the low temps affecting the game), but the Hip loves Sean McVay’s total recall of every play he’s ever coached.  The Lip expresses his major concerns with Goff and goes with the Payton / Brees duo.  Good to be back H & L Nation!!