Episode 53 – Bird Is the Word

The Hip is back in Metropolitan NYC and that means a temporary suspension of the caressing voice.  The Hip bids farewell to his Wolverines and discusses how a near close encounter with the SC Gamecocks paved their way to the Final Four.  The boys give their full 2017 New York Yankees preview and how Michael Pineda’s ineffective wildness and opposing batter exit velocity contribute to the team’s downfall!  The Lip thinks the end is near for the Islanders after their latest home debacle and describes in painful detail some “hatchet work” by Sidney Crosby.  The guys enjoy a laugh over a “trolling” type of comment made by Islanders’ commentator Brendan Burke as part of the Hipstah Moment of Zenith.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Tree House Brewing Company – Julius

Episode 52 – Caressing Wolverines

The Hip is on the road!  To avoid any hotel disturbances, the Hip introduces to us his “caressing” voice to break down the first weekend of the NCAA tournament.  The Hip’s bracket is still intact while Mike Francesa’s has no Final Four teams remaining!  The Lip dazzles with the all encompassing college basketball mantra of “balance wins championships.”  The Hip provides a little “not so encouraging” Matt Harvey update while the Lip questions the New York Giants’ strategy regarding their left tackle.  The Lip devolves into full rant mode after the Cavs followed the Warriors’ blueprint of playing D-League squads on a nationally televised “Game of the Week.”  The duo cap off expressing their pessimism about the Islanders chances for the playoffs and the Lip pays homage to the greats, Chuck Berry and Jimmy Breslin.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Equilibrium Brewing – MC2

Episode 51 – Softly Spoken Tax Return

Hip and the Lip celebrate the release of Donald Trump’s 2nd grade book report length tax return!! The boys break down the soon to be NCAA basketball field of 64 teams and each provides one final four pick (get your pens ready!!). The Lip notes some hypocrisies and general unfairness of the NCAA basketball system. The Hip reveals his own “Hipster Moment of Nadir.” The Lip again chastises the Islanders’ GM on the heels of one of the worst goaltending performances of the season leading to the question… “Where’s Jaro?”  The segment concludes with the Lip expressing his man crush for the Islanders most recent call up.

Hipster Beers of the Week: Singlecut Beersmiths – Jenny Said and Double Dry Hopped Softly Spoken Magic Spells



Episode 50 – Just a Round Number

Hip and the Lip celebrate 50 Years!!!  Woops, that’s 50 episodes.  No better way to commemorate than discussing the latest Mike Francesa controversy (I nevah said that!!).  Uhhhhhh…they then look toward the NCAA tournament and bracket strategies.  The duo then talk NFL free agency–the Hip makes a bold statement regarding his “favorite” NFL QB and a possible union with his “favorite” NFL team.  The Lip expresses his incredulity over the Islanders’ goalie situation and complements the team’s recent call up.  No music at MSG and some outlandish comments by a Warrior player constitute this week’s Hipstah Moment of Zenith.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Tired Hands / Omnipollo – Extra Vanilla Milkshake

Episode 49 – Ascetic Snow

Hip and the Lip return from their elongated hiatus by taking shots at the POTUS and the Academy Awards fiasco.  They proceed to discuss Spring Training news for the Mets and the Yankees including the future of David Wright.  The boys then dive into the NHL trade deadline; the Hip utters a casual mention of the Rangers acquisition while the Lip offers his assessment of Garth Snow’s lack of maneuvering with a slightly critical tone.  The Hipster Moment of Zenith involves one of the Lip’s all time favorite episodes of The Simpsons.

Hipster Beer of the Week:  Finback – Oscillation 008