Episode 71 – Truly O-ffensive

The Hip and Lip dive right into the NY media mosh pit expressing their revulsion of bearing witness to a “truly offensive” NY Giants offense.  The Hip gives a series of numbers that paint a startling picture of how awful the Giants offense has been, with eight straight games without scoring 20 points!  The Lip takes his shot at the offensive line and beleaguered LT Ereck Flowers and how coach McAdoo needs to make a change right now!  The boys touch on the Jets basically only to express the sentiment of “Well is anyone really surprised!”  And also that the media only seems to care about those Cali QBs in reference to the Jets.  Speaking of a Cali QB, as per the Hip, apparently Mr. Darnold attracts slightly more people in the LA area than the two “LA” football teams combined!  Finally the boys inquire as to when an NFL owner will finally “grow a pair” and bring in Colin (Deshaun Watson is better!).  The Lip fills us in on the Yankees, Luis Severino, and how the team is lining him up for a final push at the Red Sox.  HMOZ yet again features a recent Mike Francesa rant, this time over college football folly.  Two more extremely informed NFL picks conclude another installment.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Brix City Brewing – Righteous Jamz

Episode 70 – aRight Odds for Gmen

The Hip and Lip waste no time breaking down the commencement of the NFL, errr the Craig Carton scandal!  After relaying the sobering details of New York’s beloved sports shock jock, the Hip and Lip move into their succinct NFL preview show (yea right!).  First up are the Giants of which the Lip reminds the listeners of the major strides the defense took last year.  The Lip banks the offense’s success on the offensive line to be less…well offensive.  The Hip actually predicts 5 wins from the Jets this year!  Of course that might be disheartening to Jets fans dreaming of Cali QBs as pointed out by the Lip.  The boys give a few ovah/undah picks after the Lip takes a shot at the idea of Ezekiel Elliot suiting up for the Cowboys this Sunday.  The boys reveal their respective sleeper picks with the Hip uninspired by the AFC crop outside the Pats and the Lip advising all of you not to sleep on the Vikes of the north.  The sole Yankees mention of the week is the events surrounding “Apple Watch Gate” as the Hip ponders what actions MLB can take.  NFL picks for Week 1 and SUPAH BOWL picks conclude this nevah endin preview show (We promise, no pats pick!).

Hipster Beer of the week: Trillium Brewing – Heavy Mettle