Episode 74 – Missing the Curve

The Hip and Lip chronicle all that was a miserable weekend for NY sports fans (unless you’re an Islanders fan!).  First on the docket are the Yankees going gently into that good night.  The Hip looks at the Yankees bright future while the Lip takes the perspective that this was a missed opportunity to have a really special season.  The guys focus on the lack of offense as the Yankees downfall concluding with “Ace’s Ace” Lance McCullers throwing 24 straight curveballs to finish off the Yanks.  As part of a mini WS preview, the Hip says, “speaking of curve balls….how about that Rich Hill.”  Speaking of offensive no shows…how about those NY Giants!  Despite the Jets’ excruciating loss, the Hip at least got a laugh at Richie Anderson’s TD “celebration.”  Going around the NFL this week includes mocking of three shutouts, a QB throwing 7 passes, and oh apparently the Hip was intrigued by the QB eye view NBC was forced to show due to fog.  The Lip has a little fun at the expense of the Mets’ new manager as part of the HMOZ.

Hipster Beer of the Week: SingleCut Beersmiths – Miles Marathon Session IPA

Episode 73 – Astros Gone Hapless

The Hip and Lip begin the show on a high note…New York Knicks?  No it’s our New York Yankees only one win away from the World Series!  The boys make their observations about the ALCS with the Lip marveling at the Yankee pitching staff holding down the vaunted Astro lineup, while the Hip throws a little cold water on any premature celebration (just wait until his prediction at the end!)  Isles-Rangers actually comes in at number two with a few brief observations and the extremely underwhelming starts for both teams.  Back to the NFL as the Hip breaks down the gut wrenching TD yanked away from the Jets and the Lip credits the Giants for actually showing up in Denver.  The topic of Ezekiel Elliott allows for the Hip to put on his legal fedora (albeit brief) while the Lip is incredulous as to our country’s judicial system in handling such matters.  Maybe Kaepernick’s collusion suit will blow up the CBA as is the hope of the Lip.  Some NFL picks, Yankee predictions and Justin Turner’s monster postseason conclude this installment.

Hipster Beer of the Week:  LIC Beer Project – Bona Terra

Episode 72 – Eliminating WRs

The Hip and Lip are back after another break (not like much has been going on anyway!).  The show kicks off with the Yankees pushing the defending AL champs to the brink.  The Hip expressed his hipster incredulousness over Terry’s decision to pitch Kluber in Game 2 (this after it took him 3 tries to figure out how many elimination games the Yanks have played).  The Lip marvels over Masahiro’s performance in Game 3 and believes the Yanks’ youthful exuberance just might be enough to topple the mighty Indians.  The Lip moves to a more somber tone to discuss his winless Giants (also his current NFC rep for the Super Bowl!) and how Giants ownership might consider axing the second year HC if things don’t improve.  The Hip expresses some mild enthusiasm for his New York Jetropolitans and their upcoming showdown with da Pats, while enjoying the hipstah irony of the other New York football team “sucking for sam.”  No kneeling while the boys go around the NFL to give some thoughts more than ¼ into the season.  An extremely abbreviated Islanders’ preview makes up part of the HMOZ while the Hip is perplexed by the three letter acronym for the Vegas Golden Knights.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Hudson Valley Brewery – Noumena