Episode 86 – Win One for the Bryant

Due to popular demand (at least 3 people), the Hip and Lip are back!  The Hip, sporting karaoke hangover voice, knows how to fire up an audience by conveying his “WGAS” level of excitement for the Big Game.  Being Supah Bowl week, the boys dive right in with their shared skepticism of the 49ers chances but give a little “strokin” love to Raheem MOHstert and his virtuoso performance in the championship game.  The Lip gives his keys for a 49ers victory (Channeling Wide Right!) while the Hip marvels at Patrick Mahomes ability to….throw the 5 yard check down! Watch out 49ers! Both agree that a Kansas City victory is in the cards and Coach Andy will finally escape the dubious “honor” of “most wins without a SB.”  The Hip ponders the fallout from the Astros “garbage can banging” scandal while the Lip embraces Mike Francesa’s idea of catchers telepathically signaling to their pitchers! Hall of fame time which means the Hip and Lip commemorate beloved former player and now hall of famer….Larry Walker? A somber ending with the boys remembering the late Kobe Bryant and his enduring legacy with the Lip sharing a Kobe memory as the HMOZ.  

Hipster Beer of the Week:  Prairie Artisan Ales – Bomb!