Episode 87 – For Our Friend YB

The Hip and Lip give their first version of QuarantineCast via ZOOM.  The boys share their own personal perspectives and experiences of Covid-19 world.  Being that the guys are in the epicenter of the U.S., the Hip makes a big reveal and discloses the locations of us both!  The Hip shares his new method of exercising in the current environment as he commandeers his little Hip’s Nintendo Switch for a few minutes a day.  The Lip’s life in solitude has yielded an unfettered look of facial hair explosion that only a mother would care to point out.  The guys discuss the absurdity of the President’s daily briefings as the Lip relates their political based discussion to a prior episode.  With the immediate future of the sports world as a big unknown, the guys question the ethics surrounding what a reopening of a professional sports league would entail.  With the MLB in talks to relocate their teams to Arizona and Florida to play out their seasons, Taiwan has laid out the solution to a spectatorless ballpark…..cardboard baseball fans….if only the Mets thought of this years ago.  Hip and the Lip dedicate this episode to a friend who tragically passed due to Covid-19.  To Our Friend Yoni

Hipster Beer of the Week: Old Nation Brewing – Boss Tweed