Episode 45 – Living in Billy’s Burgh

Hip and the Lip give their take on the collective NFC/AFC Championship game snooze fests while hoping that Super Bowl 51 between the Falcons and Patriots will yield just a tad more excitement.  The boys do hold back on breaking down the “Big Game” due their fear of contributing to the oversaturation of “expert pre-game analysis,” however they promise to share their thoughts on next week’s show.  The Lip expresses his disdain for the NFL Pro Bowl while the Hip has some choice words for an NBA superstar (no it’s not Carmelo!).  The boys share a laugh over the extreme parity in the NHL while declaring mild optimism for the Islanders in the post-Capuano era.  The duo conclude with a “Hipster Moment of Zenith” that will surely rankle all thirteen Brooklyn Nets fans while the Hip is “baited” into providing his opinion on the frosty relationship between the media and our new President.   

Hipster Beer of the Week: LIC Beer Project / Sandy City Brewing – Full Monty

Episode 44 – Run Home Jack

Hip and the Lip break down the NFL Divisional Playoff Games while marveling at the brilliance of the Pats and Mr. Rodgers.  Mr. Hip reveals his unique method of gathering nuggets of knowledge during the breakdown of Steelers-Chiefs.  The Lip criticizes the greed motivated move of the Chargers from San Diego to LA.  The boys then give their picks of the Championship Games followed by the Lip citing his relief over the Isles firing of Jack Capuano while questioning the timing and the continued reign of Garth Snow.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Hill Farmstead – Society & Solitude #8


Episode 43 – The Wilted Odell Rose

Hip and the Lip offer a detailed breakdown of the New York Giants’ loss to the Green Bay Packers in the Wildcard round of the playoffs.  The Hip pushes the Lip to pinpoint Odell Beckham Jr.’s shortcomings in the game.  They then review the other NFL Wildcard round games, none of which were all too competitive.  They then preview the upcoming NFL Divisional Round games.  The Lip rips apart Derrick Rose for his AWOL on the night the Knicks take on the Pelicans at home.

Hipster Beers of the Week: Carton Brewing – Regular Coffee, Cafe Y Churro, Caffe Corretto

Episode 42 – Mr Rodgers Neighborhood

Hip and the Lip recap the New York Giants’ win over the Washington Redskins in week 17 of the 2016-17 NFL season.  They then look ahead to the full slate of the upcoming Wildcard Playoff round, most notably the New York Giants at the Green Bay Packers.  Hip and the Lip each make their Super Bowl predictions.  The Lip acknowledges better play of the New York Islanders’ Josh Bailey.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Pipeworks Brewing – Lizard King