Episode 59 – Harvey Danger

The Hip and Lip analyze the latest NY Rangers collapse.  The Lip questions Tanner Glass’s presence in the Rangers’ lineup while the Hip inquires as to who would be a better choice going into the critical game 6.  The Lip cannot contain his excitement over the Williamsburg background of the Kentucky Derby winner while the Hip enjoys a laugh over the Lip’s tracing of the horse’s lineage.  Onto baseball, the Hip questions if Aaron Judge can maintain his insane home run to fly ball ratio and the Lip gives props to Yankees GM Brian Cashman for his savvy acquisitions.  The duo then bemoan the latest Mets soap opera involving the suspension of a former star pitcher and wonder if a prank involving a lewd object was a partial reason.  The Lip finishes up with a (sorta) apology to Boston sports fans.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Evil Twin Brewing – I Speak the Language of Television IPA

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