Episode 62 – Nutty Nashville

The Hip and Lip break the news of the exploits of the incredible Lebron errr Scooter Gennett!  The boys talk NBA Finals, and why not considering how compelling the first two games have been.  The Lip enjoys the show that is Golden State while the Hip asks if the Warriors are one of the top five teams in the history of the game.  The guys move into the Stanley Cup Finals, of which the biggest star is a city in Tennessee (let that sink in).  The Hip and Lip dig NBC’s approach to the series of showcasing the city of Nashville and replacing intermission analysis with Carrie Underwood commentary.  The Lip briefly touches upon the 1992 Pittsburgh Penguins while the Hip is not as amazed as a “normal” person should be that the Lip owns VHS tapes of the 1992 Patrick Division Finals.  The Hip recites the stellar pitching performance of one Masahiro Tanaka while the Lip points out the alarming number of home runs that he’s given up.  The HMOZ involves dividing 115 beers between 5 dudes in 10 hours.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Orpheus Brewing – Atalanta

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