Episode 90 – Johnson’s Topshot

The H & L are back right on schedule just in time for the release of Woody Johnson’s vaccine….get in line Jets fans!  After the Hip introduces all of us to the masked wonder that is Orville Peck (oh gawd), the boys get into the latest news of Tiger Woods and give their thoughts on the HBO documentary.  From one phenomenon to another….NBA TOPSHOT!  That’s right NBA fans, clear room on your digital shelves for digital highlights of JA Morant’s dunks and Brandon Ingram’s mid-range jumpers!  Just set aside your Gamestop dollars and prepare to wait amongst thousands that want their piece of this one of a kind digital asset!  Speaking of assets, the Lip predicts some of those might be packaged for a big star while the Hip cautions the Knicks against Andre Drummond and his doofy low post moves.  The Lip abruptly switches topics to Deshaun Watson obviously to which the Hip gives an emphatic, “aRight!”  But the Lip actually advocates for Sam Darnold while lamenting the Giants recent release of Golden Taint!  A more somber end of the episode with the Lip discussing the latest development of Rangers star Artemi Panarin but telling listeners about a “Fat” triple double dynamo you may not be familiar with.  The Hip concludes with his own personal HMOZ with his discovery of 4 packs of GRIMM at ShopRite! 

Hipster Beer of the Week: Grimm Artisanal Ales – Gull Wing Door

Episode 89 – Downtown Train to NY Sports

The Hip and Lip burst in with the BREAK of the news of Timothy Tebow’s retirement from the NY Mets!  The obligatory breakdown of the terrible Super Bowl includes a little belittling of Taum’s nickname and America turning off their TVs at a rate not seen in 50 years!  The boys welcome the news of a return to fans to NY sports venues with the Hip pondering what the market will be for live sports.  No H & L episode of course would be complete without a reference to Kyle Anderson, aka SLOWMO!  The most hipster portion of the NBA segment might just be the Hip’s fawning over Brandon Ingram’s lanky appendages and uncanny ability to knock down mid-rangers.  Mixing in some play by play of Gary Trent Jr. 3 pointers, or the rich man’s Duncan Robinson (we’ll explain later), H & L mute their excitement of the NCAA tournament due to the mixing of Covid protocols and college kids.  After a casual reference to the local hockey teams, the HMOZ takes the boys back to a landmark from their youth and how it relates to the first African-American NHL player.  The BRAND SPANKING new segment “Hipster Cover of the Week” takes you on a downtown train to the creamy and JREAMy Hipster Beer of the Week!   

Hipster Beer of the Week: Burley Oak Brewing – J.R.E.A.M. – Raspberry, White Chocolate, Cheesecake

Episode 88 – Golden Tainted Love

The Hip and the Lip’s triumphant return (4th or 5th?) via Zoom and just in time for…a complete breakdown of the Chris Boucher situation north of the border!  Wait…were you expecting a Taum Brady mention?  Not until the conclusion of the laborious introduction featuring Gary Trent Jr. and the Hip’s commentary on the CDC and Doctah Fauci telling America, “No Superspreader Super Bowl Parties!”  Shifting past the Hip’s thoughts on mask wearing or lack thereof amongst our icons in the booth and studios of Fox and TNT, the Lip gives the Hip comfort that the employees of the copious strip joints in Tampa will all be masked up for the occasion!  Since both H & L have had enough of Taum Brady and the typical, cliched Super Bowl analysis, the Hip says, “Kansas City landslide,” the Lip retorts, “KC offensive line yada yada,” – next!  The episode crescendos with the Hip’s recounting of a Colin Cowherd interview and an (inadvertent?) stating of the name Bill Belichick (huh?) and some NBA jargon (Point-Center!).  The Hip and Lip’s return is HMOZ in of itself but how about a cool $50 from Draftkings if you wager on a single TD in Super Bowl LV (withdrawal restrictions apply)!  Special guest in the form of a Baby Hip and a little music mind blow from the Hip with some “Tainted” cover songs!  

Hipster Beer of the Week: Lagunitas Brewing Company – Willettized Coffee Stout

Episode 87 – For Our Friend YB

The Hip and Lip give their first version of QuarantineCast via ZOOM.  The boys share their own personal perspectives and experiences of Covid-19 world.  Being that the guys are in the epicenter of the U.S., the Hip makes a big reveal and discloses the locations of us both!  The Hip shares his new method of exercising in the current environment as he commandeers his little Hip’s Nintendo Switch for a few minutes a day.  The Lip’s life in solitude has yielded an unfettered look of facial hair explosion that only a mother would care to point out.  The guys discuss the absurdity of the President’s daily briefings as the Lip relates their political based discussion to a prior episode.  With the immediate future of the sports world as a big unknown, the guys question the ethics surrounding what a reopening of a professional sports league would entail.  With the MLB in talks to relocate their teams to Arizona and Florida to play out their seasons, Taiwan has laid out the solution to a spectatorless ballpark…..cardboard baseball fans….if only the Mets thought of this years ago.  Hip and the Lip dedicate this episode to a friend who tragically passed due to Covid-19.  To Our Friend Yoni

Hipster Beer of the Week: Old Nation Brewing – Boss Tweed

Episode 86 – Win One for the Bryant

Due to popular demand (at least 3 people), the Hip and Lip are back!  The Hip, sporting karaoke hangover voice, knows how to fire up an audience by conveying his “WGAS” level of excitement for the Big Game.  Being Supah Bowl week, the boys dive right in with their shared skepticism of the 49ers chances but give a little “strokin” love to Raheem MOHstert and his virtuoso performance in the championship game.  The Lip gives his keys for a 49ers victory (Channeling Wide Right!) while the Hip marvels at Patrick Mahomes ability to….throw the 5 yard check down! Watch out 49ers! Both agree that a Kansas City victory is in the cards and Coach Andy will finally escape the dubious “honor” of “most wins without a SB.”  The Hip ponders the fallout from the Astros “garbage can banging” scandal while the Lip embraces Mike Francesa’s idea of catchers telepathically signaling to their pitchers! Hall of fame time which means the Hip and Lip commemorate beloved former player and now hall of famer….Larry Walker? A somber ending with the boys remembering the late Kobe Bryant and his enduring legacy with the Lip sharing a Kobe memory as the HMOZ.  

Hipster Beer of the Week:  Prairie Artisan Ales – Bomb!

Episode 85 – If You Build It, Gio Will Come!

The Hip and Lip end their hiatus just in time for(!!!)……the dog days of baseball season.  But the Hip reminds everyone how the Gio Urshela led Yankees have run away from the pack and await Octobah (if only they could play the O’s).  The Hip recounts an experience involving a police stop that Yankee GM Brian Cashman now shares with the Hip! (Guess who was in the 91 Volvo!).  The BIG story dominating the headlines can only be JD Davis and the NY Mets!  The Hip of course must burst all bubbles floating over Flushing in wake of the injury to Jeff McNeil, while the Lip reminds Met fans that the bullpen still stinks and the schedule is daunting the rest of the way.  The boys then go around the league – the Hip takes a bow for Minnesota (sorta), the Lip quizzes and astounds the Hip regarding 200 K’s for 7 straight seasons, and the guys share a laugh over the futility of some of the dregs of the league.  The grudging segue into the NFL begins with a John Mara quote about Daniel Jones, to which the Lip reacts bringing down spirits of Giants’ fans (if that’s possible), while the Hip asks, “Who the hell is Eli throwing to?”  The Hip predicts the demise of the Pats to the Jets benefit (despite the prowess of Robbie Anderson!).  The Hip dons his “legal fedora” and gives his best “TV lawyer” impression describing a potential deposition of Rogah Goodell and the Lip can’t help but incorporate a smidge of politics and an impression of his own!  The episode rounds out with the only thing that could “smell” doom for the Islanders new arena, and finally the HMOZ and the mystery of “The Voice.” 

Hipster Beer of the Week: Abomination Brewing Company – Anthrohophagous

Episode 84 – Depreciating Assets

The Lip starts off giving a “clue” as to his whereabouts just as the Hip once again reminds the audience of his eagle eye view of the Garden as well as …Knicks Draft Lottery Party!!!  The guys can only pity the lowly Knicks for sinking (and depreciating) so low while reminding fans that finishing 3rd is still lucky and good!! The boys then talk about a few fanbases that have actual reason to be excited in Toronto and Milwaukee and which team poses the biggest threat to the Warriors dominance.  The Hip can only lament the state of the affairs with the Jets firing of the GM as the Lip has a little fun with the Hip’s prior statement of, “Negative media attention is finally not directed at the Jets!” The Hip jinxed them!!  This NY sports firing leads to the question… “How have the Mets not fired Mickey!” The Lip though reminds the listeners of a couple of “Joe” managers that never disciplined Robbie either.  A Bob Uecker reference opens the door for a plug for the Hip’s company as well as the Mets’ downtrodden radio voice (He was more excited reading the ad!).  The Hip demonstrates the extreme dichotomy between the NY baseball teams while the Lip goes on a little bit of an MLB rant and how attendance keeps “depreciating.” The Lip gives a little Isles offseason preview and bemoans yet another Boston team in a championship game in the NHL. But JD is back Rangiz fans! “Oh baby!” The Hip busts out the tax fedora for a lesson in “depreciation,” followed by a dual HMOZ including, “Mike fell asleep again!” and the Hip’s “slurping” farewell to one of the most flamboyant Wrestlers to ever don a “gold” costume.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Hop Butcher for the World – Double Grid

Episode 83 – Manure Storm

Hip and Lip (Chicago) storm their way back with a preview of the Hip’s impending voyage to the midwest!  After the Lip gloats about his NCAA pick, the boys quickly transition into the NFL Draft which the Hip expresses his indifference to all of the coverage while expressing relief that for ONCE his beloved Jets are not the center of the “manure storm” (one guess which team is!).  The Lip takes the reins to join all of those who are incredulous over that “team’s” 1st round selection (Eli and Peyton in a blender!). The Hip then gets into his element talking Majah League Baseball and Luke Voit’s prowess on the walking wounded Yankees! The wide ranging discussion covers the terrible Mets pitching (and the AMAZIN Jeff McNeil and Peter Alonso), the Hip’s skepticism about the Rays “false opener” strategy, the shockingly bad performances by “ace” pitchers and the last place Red Sox!  The Hip then allows the Lip go into full “diarrhea of the mouth” mode after the Islanders’ disappointing beginning to their 2nd round series. The Lip partially attests it to the negative vibe of the Barclays but the Hip says, “shame on the fans” for allowing the building to be an issue. The boys have to talk a little NBA (right?) and the reasons for the stunning ratings decline (Where art thou Lebron?). Some uptucking baseball stats are the HMOZ and the Hip travels to a world renowned cocktail bar for his hipstah beer of da week (The H irony is so infused with citra!)

Hipster Beer of the Week: Hudson Valley Brewery – Mistborne

Episode 82 – Zig Zag Zion

The Hip and the Lip “storm” (not red storm!) into the topic ruling the day (Corey Latimer!) and of course the tourney.  The Hip enjoys the dichotomy of reactions of the Dukes and Spudd..er uh Gardner Webbs (“thats there championship!”) while the Lip takes a shot at the Red Storm’s “bid” into the tournament or “the play in game!”  The Hip and Lip describe their “mid major” interest in the very bottom of the bottom left quadrant of the bracket which is due to a switch of alma mater allegiance!  The Hip “zigs instead of zags” with his selection of a tournament champion while the Lip declares himself a “Zionist,” but also throws a bone (or doom) to the LCC.  The boys then address the NFL trade “heard round East Rutherford” as the Hip speculates as to why Eli Manning repeatedly “passed up” opportunities to throw to the now former Giants superstar.  The Lip expressed his mixed emotions but lays the future of the team at the feet of the Bahston native GM.  The now under the radar Jets get mixed reviews from the Lip while the Hip says, “It’s good that Leveon wasn’t tackled 200 times last year.”  The Lip has the hipster doctrine in full force for the Islanders and the Hip tells all you baseball fans to “set your alarms!”  The HMOZ is the nadir of the NBA (tanking) and with Hip fantasy advice tied into a feel good story involving a Tiger pitcher.

Hipster Beer of the Week:  Toppling Goliath Brewing Co. – Hopsmack! Double IPA

Episode 81 – (John’s) Happy Ending

The Hip and Lip come roaring back on the eve of….NFL FREE AGENCY!!  Well that got an immediate WGAS from the Hip so the boys prepare all of you for a potpourri of “frauds” from Paul Manafort to NCAA actors to John Tavares!  The Hip gives the Lip the obligatory time to give his Islander update as the Lip reveals the “climax” of the season may just be the John Tavares game (but hopefully not).  The Lip expresses his creeping pessimism about the Islanders due to their mediocre play over the last month as the Hip alludes to the tenuous Islander positioning for the playoffs.  The Hip moves on to express his muted enthusiasm for the upcoming NCAA tournament and the chances of his beloved Wolverines, while the Lip dumps a massive tub of cold water on the tourney by getting into the still unresolved scandal plaguing the NCAA despite the complete lack of coverage.  The Hip references the lull in sports but cannot hide his overwhelming exuberance for the return of the baseball despite the Lip being on a completely different wavelength (Too many HR’s!!).  An early abbreviated preview is capped off with two sleepers from the Hip (No not that Bieber!)  A sprinkle of impending CBA doom, a dash of Giants bashing, a hint of Andre Miller and our dude listeners just might find themselves doing a “double take.”

Hipster Beer of the Week: LIC Beer Project – Coded Tiles