Episode 9 – Clutter’s Duck Butter

The Hip and the Lip recap the Islanders’ games against the Capitals, Devils, and Wild, they critique a clickbait New York Post article on the Barclays center, the Lip passionately reveals his inner-Garth on the approach the Islanders should take leading up to the trade deadline, and the Hip and the Lip introduce their first guest of the show.

Episode 8 – Goalie Gate

The Hip and the Lip continue to sense a bipolar theme to the Islanders’ season when recapping up and down and up performances against the Kings, Hurricanes, and Red Wings, they debate whether the Islanders have a goalie controversy, the Lip imparts some wisdom of Butch Goring’s history with the Islanders, and the Lip cannot resist singing his favorite President’s Day song.

Episode 7 -This Bud’s for Brian

The Hip and the Lip begin by discussing Super Bowl 50 without actually covering the game itself. They then encounter the Jekyll and Hyde show by the Islanders in back-to-back games against the Red Wings and Oilers. The Lip adds to his natural awkwardness with some technical difficulties that forces the Hip to talk to himself a few times. The duo rounds out the episode with an analysis of the Islanders’ win over the Blue Jackets and a preview the next three games.

Episode 6 – Muddy Berube

The Lip speculates on the Islanders’ use of a third goalie out of the All-Star Break, the Hip appreciates the Lip’s “greasy goal” description, the Hip and the Lip debate whether the Isles’ loss to the Capitals should be considered a moral victory, they discuss their indifference for the most watched television event in history, and the Hip shares an intimate Moment of Zenith.