Episode 60 – Numbah Two

The Hip and Lip tie a bow on the “always a bridesmaid” New York Rangers’ 2016-17 season and the Lip emphasizes how this loss should really stick in the craw of Rangers fans.  The Hip proceeds to draw a parallel in the (yet again) failure of the Washington Capitals; the Lip briefly comments on the in-progress NHL conference finals and reminds listeners of his rooting interest for the rest of the playoffs (GO PREDS GO!).  The boys actually spend more than 30 seconds on the NBA playoffs but it always leads to the inevitable, “Can we just get to the finals already?!”  The Hip and Lip pay their own respective tributes to “The Captain” on the heels of his retirement ceremony at Yankee Stadium, as the Hip impugns the labeling of the Derek’s tax situation as an “off the field blemish.”  The baseball segment is capped with the Hip pointing out the lack of quality starting pitching and the boys taking pity on the Mets “everything” woes.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Three 3’s Brewing Co. – Kaos IPA

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