Episode 69 – Pointing Up and Down

The Hip and Lip with their first in person broadcast in an “unknown” part (singular) of NYC!  The guys christen their live show by providing their boom/bust for QB, RB and WR.  Some highlights include the Hip placing the kaboom on Smokin Jay, while advising fantasy nerds not to expect too much explosion from Mel Gordo.  The Lip implores to grab “The Duke” and advises to exercise caution with “Dezzie.”  The Lip dissents on the Hip’s incredulousity when it comes to Terrelle Pryor’s extremely high rankings, while the Hip validates the Lip’s love affair with John (not Jaron) Brown.  A few thoughts on Giants and Jets while those who remain get bonus fantasy insights involving two of the local players.  The Lip answers in the affirmative when asked by the Hip if the Yankee pitching will hold up and the Lip goes into full rant mode in regards to the home plate umpire during last week’s Yankees-Tigers brawl.  Yes and of course the $700M “farce” is touched upon as ½ of the HOMZ (no the “fight” is NOT the zenith).

Hipster Beer of the Week: Garvies Point Brewery – Sour Batch (TIKI #1)


Episode 68 – Will Rawls Eclipse

The Hip and Lip burst into their first “fantasy show” by mentioning some current events of the weekend including today’s solar eclipse.  The Hip acknowledges the Mets continued existence and the Lip expresses his fondest farewell to the Grandy Man.  The Hip is exasperated with the media’s overreaction to Aaron Judge’s struggles, while the Lip wonders how the Yankees will handle their Chapman issue.  The guys quickly move on to football with the Hip (I’m sure inadvertently) demoralizing Jets fans with the numbers from Christian Hackenberg’s latest performance.  While the Hip relishes in “buoying” the spirits of Jets fans, the Lip finds it just a bit curious the Jets GM Mike Maccagnan essentially told Jets fans “Yea we stink” in a radio interview.  Fantasy geeks, your first preview is here!  The guys give each other 3 names to discuss.  The Lip expects Thomas to “Rawl” over the competition while the Hip asks, “Who else is even on the Rams to take carries from Gurley?”  The HMOZ dives into the extravagance of college football facilities.

Hipster Beer of the Week: District 96 – Political Juice

Episode 67 – Judging Rivalries

The Hip and the Lip mock the Yankees “Rivalry Week” label for the games against the Red Sox and the Mets.  The boys delve into the woes of Aaron Judge and Aroldis Chapman while the Lip calls for Girardi to alter his bullpen approach.  The Lip credits the Angels, one of nine teams in the AL competing for a Wild Card while the Hip throws cold water on the “accomplishment” (9 TEAMS!).  Football is more prominent on this week’s episode; the Hip poses a challenge to all Jets fans to name one (JUST ONE!) healthy wide receiver.  The boys debate the current state of the Giants group of running backs and ponder how long it takes Ben McAdoo to style his new hairdoo.  The boys move onto the recent news of Ezekiel Elliott, offering their perspectives while the Hip reminds us all, regardless of one’s position, we will all be tuned in at 1PM every Sunday.  The Lip ties in the Kaepernick quandary to Elliott and the events of this past Saturday in Virginia, while both agree an NFL owner will eventually take the plunge on Colin.  The HMOZ focuses on the ever growing phenomenon that is Fantasy Football.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Mikkeller Brewing – Henry Hops

Episode 66 – Sonny and Rosario Days Ahead

The Lip features in his opening the recently ousted White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci.  Baseball (what a shock) is the main theme for the remainder.  The boys break down the Yankees’ deadline day move of acquiring Sonny Gray, with the Lip giving his approval.  The Hip wonders how Luis Severino’s arm hasn’t fallen off yet throwing 100 MPH in both the former and latter innings, while his ability reminds both of another fireballer in Detroit.  Turning to the Mets, they cheer the long-awaited arrival of Baseball America’s #1 prospect, Amed Rosario.  Don’t get too excited Mets fans, for the Las Vegas heat has obviously over-inflated his stats!  The Hip shares an interesting, yet strange quote from the New York Jets’ first round pick at a fan forum regarding the recent CTE news, while the reaction from the fans was even more puzzling to the Hip.  The Lip has an impromptu tirade against a quote from former NFLer Bart Scott, and praises the Cubs for putting a bow on a dark chapter in their history.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Hudson Valley Brewery – Flying Colors