Episode 80 – Where Is Gurley

The Hip and the Lip “softly crescendo” into their recap of the “dull, boring” Americanized spectacle that was the STATE OF THE UNION (oh and the football game too).  The guys touch on the offensive futility of the Rams and their “AWFUL” QB, but they cannot contain their flabbergast in asking the question WHERE WAS GURLEY?!?! The boys use their “talents” to extend their recap of the uneventful game with several mind boggling and record breaking hipster stats including the historic ovah / undah differential!  The Lip makes light and pokes fun at “Rams Nation” while the Hip unwittingly reveals his delight with the “start” of the Halftime Show.  The boys begin their post football “dog days of February” with the “best team in NY” and the Lip gives his kudos to one unsung Islander while offering a stern warning to a former punching bag reverting back to his old ways.  The duo gloss over the pathetic Knicks as the Hip reveals he was completely WGAS towards to the trade of KP….but cannot curb his enthusiasm towards the imminent return of baseball!  The Lip launches a preemptive strike against the NL “purists” with the proposed DH rule change, and the boys debate the proposed “batter minimum” rule for a new pitcher.  The HMOZ features a very familiar subject (and voice) but also implores the audience to visit twittah handle @backaftathis for a truly “turgid” experience. 

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Episode 79 – Turgid Times

The Hip dumbfounds the Lip with James Harden’s best impression of the “black hole of basketball.”  They segue into NFL “championship sunday” including the Hip’s donning of his “legal fedora” that perfectly captures the bounds of OUTRAGE towards the blown PI call in the NFC game.  The Lip bemoans yet another Pats appearance in the “big game” due to an OT rule which he demands to be changed, while the Hip takes a “too bad” angle while providing a “proof is in the pudding” stat of how the Pats kept wunderkind Pat Mahomes in check.  The PREVIEW begins with the boys concurring that Todd Gurley must show up for the Rams to emerge victorious and the perhaps the Hip has more faith in “boy wonder” Sean McVay than the Lip. The Lip asks viewers to watch the “fat guys” in the middle when the Rams have the ball and yet again singles out Aaron Donald.  Ultimately the Lip goes against every fiber of his being with his pick, while the Hip is still bedazzled by the uncanny prowess of the sideline general of the Rams with his pick. The guys cap off their “bowl” preview with a prediction as to the “real star” of Super Bowl 53, a former Hip fantasy favorite, and a national sensation in the CBS booth to which the Hip asks, “Why didn’t anyone else do this before?”  A brief “best team in NY” soliloquy from the Lip, and the Hip’s follow up to his Michigan b-ball (over exuberant?) unrecorded hot take from last episode. The HMOZ features a less than Romo-esque performance at the Pro Bowl, plus a “lewd” segment on Arizona politics that might make you just a bit turgid!

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Episode 78 – We’re Back

The Hip and the Lip are BACK!!!  After almost a year hiatus (reason to be revealed on the next episode), the dynamic duo make their triumphant return.  While the Lip was keen on recapping all of the events from the past eleven months, the Hip made sure to keep the Lip current as the boys dove right into…JED LOWRIE!!! (for the uninitiated with super H advanced stats, the Hip reveals why mets fans should be excited).  After trashing another “banner year” for NY football, coupled with the Lip’s Pat Shurmur impression and the Hip’s initial impression of Crazy Eyez Gase, they dive into the lackluster divisional NFL playoffs and the end of the Nick Foles magic (hello 2019 NY Giants Starting QB!).  The Hip reveals that his little four-year-old Hip has been selecting his playoff picks and goes with the Rams and Chiefs as the picks for Championship weekend. The Lip concurs with the Chiefs (despite a tangent on the low temps affecting the game), but the Hip loves Sean McVay’s total recall of every play he’s ever coached.  The Lip expresses his major concerns with Goff and goes with the Payton / Brees duo.  Good to be back H & L Nation!!

Episode 77 – Ohhhhhffense

The Hip and Lip EXPLOOOODE into a comprehensive and thorough breakdown of the huge upset perpetrated by the Phila….St. John’s Redstorm!!  Yes the hottest team in NY sports and 158th best team in the country just took down both Duke and Villanova.  They then take the obligatory dive into Supah Bowl 52 which the “Hip” calls thrilling after a ho-hum NFL season although the Lip has a slightly different perspective.  They share his bewilderment over Malcolm Butler’s benching, marvel over the magnificence of Nick Foles, fawn over the mastery of Doug Pederson’s game planning in contrast to his hall of fame counterpart….all while debating the true motivation of the NFL’s “upholding” of Corey Clement’s touchdown.  The Bowl thread culminates with Collinsworth’s use of “RPOOO” and the boys gently mocking the viewership decline of the game along with overall season ratings.  The episode wraps up with the Hip pondering of the odd scheduling of conference tourneys at MSG, while the Lip gets in his latest 2 minute rant on a man whom he refers to as “The Worst in History.”  Will the Lip back up such a statement?  Stay tuned!

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Episode 76 – Ho Hum

The Hip and the Lip are BACK and cannot contain their excitement over the new “phrase” coined by the President.  The guys comprehensively breakdown of the NFC err.. AFC championship game.  The Lip provides some numbahs to demonstrate the Patriots’ dominance as the Hip closely guesses the number of times the Pats have lost back-to-back games since 2003.  The Lip can only wallow in pain over the thought of a Philly – Boston championship and the Hip throws salt in the wound by referencing a prominent NY building lit up in each team’s respective colors.  The boys briefly touch on the Giants’ recent moves, including the “ho-hum” hire of Pat Shurmer (wooops!), while the Hip thinks that he’s just what the doctor ordered.  The Hip gives the floor to the Lip to give his take on the Islanders–instead of marveling over the “best skater” in the NHL, the Lip focuses on how the Isles boast perhaps the worst of the worst in the NHL while Ho-Sang continues to languish due to his lack of “ho-hum” play.  The Lip then gently mocks the arena situation and the lack of “bittah hipstah beers” around the Coli of which the Hip points out how the Lip’s self-interests are not a consideration for the team.  Jimmy G’s Super Bowl share (and the Hip’s questioning of such) along with the first ever “can release” round out the show.  

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Episode 75 – MaraDoo

The Hip and the Lip are back with the “shocking” news of Eli’s demotion for the one and only….GENO!  The Lip goes off on John Mara while the Hip tries to understand the Lip’s and Mara’s thought process for questioning and spearheading this campaign to oust Eli, respectively.  As part of the Hip’s tendency to call out the hipstah irony to such public outpours of anger, the Hip questions whether or not this is that shocking considering the Giants are finished and the Lip expresses fear that maybe Mara is considering keeping McAdoo past this season.  From the worst team in NY to the best, the New York Yank…no, scratch that, it’s your New York Islanders!  The Hip asks the Lip why JT has taken off after a slow start to which the Lip attributes Josh Bailey back on that line and Mathew Barzal’s emergence and chemistry with Jordo Eberle.  During the Lip’s “gushing,” the Hip subtly moves to the Knicks and observes the starved Knicks fans perhaps over-exuberant affection for KP.  The Lip questions the team’s ability to have success with only one road win and an upcoming unforgiving road schedule.  A little college football along with the slim figure of Dominic Smith intended to round out the episode until a Lip blunder during NFL picks gave us the real hipstah moment of zenith for the week.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Other Half – Space Dream

Episode 74 – Missing the Curve

The Hip and Lip chronicle all that was a miserable weekend for NY sports fans (unless you’re an Islanders fan!).  First on the docket are the Yankees going gently into that good night.  The Hip looks at the Yankees bright future while the Lip takes the perspective that this was a missed opportunity to have a really special season.  The guys focus on the lack of offense as the Yankees downfall concluding with “Ace’s Ace” Lance McCullers throwing 24 straight curveballs to finish off the Yanks.  As part of a mini WS preview, the Hip says, “speaking of curve balls….how about that Rich Hill.”  Speaking of offensive no shows…how about those NY Giants!  Despite the Jets’ excruciating loss, the Hip at least got a laugh at Richie Anderson’s TD “celebration.”  Going around the NFL this week includes mocking of three shutouts, a QB throwing 7 passes, and oh apparently the Hip was intrigued by the QB eye view NBC was forced to show due to fog.  The Lip has a little fun at the expense of the Mets’ new manager as part of the HMOZ.

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Episode 73 – Astros Gone Hapless

The Hip and Lip begin the show on a high note…New York Knicks?  No it’s our New York Yankees only one win away from the World Series!  The boys make their observations about the ALCS with the Lip marveling at the Yankee pitching staff holding down the vaunted Astro lineup, while the Hip throws a little cold water on any premature celebration (just wait until his prediction at the end!)  Isles-Rangers actually comes in at number two with a few brief observations and the extremely underwhelming starts for both teams.  Back to the NFL as the Hip breaks down the gut wrenching TD yanked away from the Jets and the Lip credits the Giants for actually showing up in Denver.  The topic of Ezekiel Elliott allows for the Hip to put on his legal fedora (albeit brief) while the Lip is incredulous as to our country’s judicial system in handling such matters.  Maybe Kaepernick’s collusion suit will blow up the CBA as is the hope of the Lip.  Some NFL picks, Yankee predictions and Justin Turner’s monster postseason conclude this installment.

Hipster Beer of the Week:  LIC Beer Project – Bona Terra

Episode 72 – Eliminating WRs

The Hip and Lip are back after another break (not like much has been going on anyway!).  The show kicks off with the Yankees pushing the defending AL champs to the brink.  The Hip expressed his hipster incredulousness over Terry’s decision to pitch Kluber in Game 2 (this after it took him 3 tries to figure out how many elimination games the Yanks have played).  The Lip marvels over Masahiro’s performance in Game 3 and believes the Yanks’ youthful exuberance just might be enough to topple the mighty Indians.  The Lip moves to a more somber tone to discuss his winless Giants (also his current NFC rep for the Super Bowl!) and how Giants ownership might consider axing the second year HC if things don’t improve.  The Hip expresses some mild enthusiasm for his New York Jetropolitans and their upcoming showdown with da Pats, while enjoying the hipstah irony of the other New York football team “sucking for sam.”  No kneeling while the boys go around the NFL to give some thoughts more than ¼ into the season.  An extremely abbreviated Islanders’ preview makes up part of the HMOZ while the Hip is perplexed by the three letter acronym for the Vegas Golden Knights.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Hudson Valley Brewery – Noumena

Episode 71 – Truly O-ffensive

The Hip and Lip dive right into the NY media mosh pit expressing their revulsion of bearing witness to a “truly offensive” NY Giants offense.  The Hip gives a series of numbers that paint a startling picture of how awful the Giants offense has been, with eight straight games without scoring 20 points!  The Lip takes his shot at the offensive line and beleaguered LT Ereck Flowers and how coach McAdoo needs to make a change right now!  The boys touch on the Jets basically only to express the sentiment of “Well is anyone really surprised!”  And also that the media only seems to care about those Cali QBs in reference to the Jets.  Speaking of a Cali QB, as per the Hip, apparently Mr. Darnold attracts slightly more people in the LA area than the two “LA” football teams combined!  Finally the boys inquire as to when an NFL owner will finally “grow a pair” and bring in Colin (Deshaun Watson is better!).  The Lip fills us in on the Yankees, Luis Severino, and how the team is lining him up for a final push at the Red Sox.  HMOZ yet again features a recent Mike Francesa rant, this time over college football folly.  Two more extremely informed NFL picks conclude another installment.

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