Episode 74 – Missing the Curve

The Hip and Lip chronicle all that was a miserable weekend for NY sports fans (unless you’re an Islanders fan!).  First on the docket are the Yankees going gently into that good night.  The Hip looks at the Yankees bright future while the Lip takes the perspective that this was a missed opportunity to have a really special season.  The guys focus on the lack of offense as the Yankees downfall concluding with “Ace’s Ace” Lance McCullers throwing 24 straight curveballs to finish off the Yanks.  As part of a mini WS preview, the Hip says, “speaking of curve balls….how about that Rich Hill.”  Speaking of offensive no shows…how about those NY Giants!  Despite the Jets’ excruciating loss, the Hip at least got a laugh at Richie Anderson’s TD “celebration.”  Going around the NFL this week includes mocking of three shutouts, a QB throwing 7 passes, and oh apparently the Hip was intrigued by the QB eye view NBC was forced to show due to fog.  The Lip has a little fun at the expense of the Mets’ new manager as part of the HMOZ.

Hipster Beer of the Week: SingleCut Beersmiths – Miles Marathon Session IPA

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