Episode 75 – MaraDoo

The Hip and the Lip are back with the “shocking” news of Eli’s demotion for the one and only….GENO!  The Lip goes off on John Mara while the Hip tries to understand the Lip’s and Mara’s thought process for questioning and spearheading this campaign to oust Eli, respectively.  As part of the Hip’s tendency to call out the hipstah irony to such public outpours of anger, the Hip questions whether or not this is that shocking considering the Giants are finished and the Lip expresses fear that maybe Mara is considering keeping McAdoo past this season.  From the worst team in NY to the best, the New York Yank…no, scratch that, it’s your New York Islanders!  The Hip asks the Lip why JT has taken off after a slow start to which the Lip attributes Josh Bailey back on that line and Mathew Barzal’s emergence and chemistry with Jordo Eberle.  During the Lip’s “gushing,” the Hip subtly moves to the Knicks and observes the starved Knicks fans perhaps over-exuberant affection for KP.  The Lip questions the team’s ability to have success with only one road win and an upcoming unforgiving road schedule.  A little college football along with the slim figure of Dominic Smith intended to round out the episode until a Lip blunder during NFL picks gave us the real hipstah moment of zenith for the week.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Other Half – Space Dream

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