Episode 76 – Ho Hum

The Hip and the Lip are BACK and cannot contain their excitement over the new “phrase” coined by the President.  The guys comprehensively breakdown of the NFC err.. AFC championship game.  The Lip provides some numbahs to demonstrate the Patriots’ dominance as the Hip closely guesses the number of times the Pats have lost back-to-back games since 2003.  The Lip can only wallow in pain over the thought of a Philly – Boston championship and the Hip throws salt in the wound by referencing a prominent NY building lit up in each team’s respective colors.  The boys briefly touch on the Giants’ recent moves, including the “ho-hum” hire of Pat Shurmer (wooops!), while the Hip thinks that he’s just what the doctor ordered.  The Hip gives the floor to the Lip to give his take on the Islanders–instead of marveling over the “best skater” in the NHL, the Lip focuses on how the Isles boast perhaps the worst of the worst in the NHL while Ho-Sang continues to languish due to his lack of “ho-hum” play.  The Lip then gently mocks the arena situation and the lack of “bittah hipstah beers” around the Coli of which the Hip points out how the Lip’s self-interests are not a consideration for the team.  Jimmy G’s Super Bowl share (and the Hip’s questioning of such) along with the first ever “can release” round out the show.  

Hipster Beer of the Week: Magnify Brewing – Rock Me Dr. Citra

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