Episode 85 – If You Build It, Gio Will Come!

The Hip and Lip end their hiatus just in time for(!!!)……the dog days of baseball season.  But the Hip reminds everyone how the Gio Urshela led Yankees have run away from the pack and await Octobah (if only they could play the O’s).  The Hip recounts an experience involving a police stop that Yankee GM Brian Cashman now shares with the Hip! (Guess who was in the 91 Volvo!).  The BIG story dominating the headlines can only be JD Davis and the NY Mets!  The Hip of course must burst all bubbles floating over Flushing in wake of the injury to Jeff McNeil, while the Lip reminds Met fans that the bullpen still stinks and the schedule is daunting the rest of the way.  The boys then go around the league – the Hip takes a bow for Minnesota (sorta), the Lip quizzes and astounds the Hip regarding 200 K’s for 7 straight seasons, and the guys share a laugh over the futility of some of the dregs of the league.  The grudging segue into the NFL begins with a John Mara quote about Daniel Jones, to which the Lip reacts bringing down spirits of Giants’ fans (if that’s possible), while the Hip asks, “Who the hell is Eli throwing to?”  The Hip predicts the demise of the Pats to the Jets benefit (despite the prowess of Robbie Anderson!).  The Hip dons his “legal fedora” and gives his best “TV lawyer” impression describing a potential deposition of Rogah Goodell and the Lip can’t help but incorporate a smidge of politics and an impression of his own!  The episode rounds out with the only thing that could “smell” doom for the Islanders new arena, and finally the HMOZ and the mystery of “The Voice.” 

Hipster Beer of the Week: Abomination Brewing Company – Anthrohophagous

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