Episode 89 – Downtown Train to NY Sports

The Hip and Lip burst in with the BREAK of the news of Timothy Tebow’s retirement from the NY Mets!  The obligatory breakdown of the terrible Super Bowl includes a little belittling of Taum’s nickname and America turning off their TVs at a rate not seen in 50 years!  The boys welcome the news of a return to fans to NY sports venues with the Hip pondering what the market will be for live sports.  No H & L episode of course would be complete without a reference to Kyle Anderson, aka SLOWMO!  The most hipster portion of the NBA segment might just be the Hip’s fawning over Brandon Ingram’s lanky appendages and uncanny ability to knock down mid-rangers.  Mixing in some play by play of Gary Trent Jr. 3 pointers, or the rich man’s Duncan Robinson (we’ll explain later), H & L mute their excitement of the NCAA tournament due to the mixing of Covid protocols and college kids.  After a casual reference to the local hockey teams, the HMOZ takes the boys back to a landmark from their youth and how it relates to the first African-American NHL player.  The BRAND SPANKING new segment “Hipster Cover of the Week” takes you on a downtown train to the creamy and JREAMy Hipster Beer of the Week!   

Hipster Beer of the Week: Burley Oak Brewing – J.R.E.A.M. – Raspberry, White Chocolate, Cheesecake

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