Episode 69 – Pointing Up and Down

The Hip and Lip with their first in person broadcast in an “unknown” part (singular) of NYC!  The guys christen their live show by providing their boom/bust for QB, RB and WR.  Some highlights include the Hip placing the kaboom on Smokin Jay, while advising fantasy nerds not to expect too much explosion from Mel Gordo.  The Lip implores to grab “The Duke” and advises to exercise caution with “Dezzie.”  The Lip dissents on the Hip’s incredulousity when it comes to Terrelle Pryor’s extremely high rankings, while the Hip validates the Lip’s love affair with John (not Jaron) Brown.  A few thoughts on Giants and Jets while those who remain get bonus fantasy insights involving two of the local players.  The Lip answers in the affirmative when asked by the Hip if the Yankee pitching will hold up and the Lip goes into full rant mode in regards to the home plate umpire during last week’s Yankees-Tigers brawl.  Yes and of course the $700M “farce” is touched upon as ½ of the HOMZ (no the “fight” is NOT the zenith).

Hipster Beer of the Week: Garvies Point Brewery – Sour Batch (TIKI #1)


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