Episode 68 – Will Rawls Eclipse

The Hip and Lip burst into their first “fantasy show” by mentioning some current events of the weekend including today’s solar eclipse.  The Hip acknowledges the Mets continued existence and the Lip expresses his fondest farewell to the Grandy Man.  The Hip is exasperated with the media’s overreaction to Aaron Judge’s struggles, while the Lip wonders how the Yankees will handle their Chapman issue.  The guys quickly move on to football with the Hip (I’m sure inadvertently) demoralizing Jets fans with the numbers from Christian Hackenberg’s latest performance.  While the Hip relishes in “buoying” the spirits of Jets fans, the Lip finds it just a bit curious the Jets GM Mike Maccagnan essentially told Jets fans “Yea we stink” in a radio interview.  Fantasy geeks, your first preview is here!  The guys give each other 3 names to discuss.  The Lip expects Thomas to “Rawl” over the competition while the Hip asks, “Who else is even on the Rams to take carries from Gurley?”  The HMOZ dives into the extravagance of college football facilities.

Hipster Beer of the Week: District 96 – Political Juice

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