Episode 67 – Judging Rivalries

The Hip and the Lip mock the Yankees “Rivalry Week” label for the games against the Red Sox and the Mets.  The boys delve into the woes of Aaron Judge and Aroldis Chapman while the Lip calls for Girardi to alter his bullpen approach.  The Lip credits the Angels, one of nine teams in the AL competing for a Wild Card while the Hip throws cold water on the “accomplishment” (9 TEAMS!).  Football is more prominent on this week’s episode; the Hip poses a challenge to all Jets fans to name one (JUST ONE!) healthy wide receiver.  The boys debate the current state of the Giants group of running backs and ponder how long it takes Ben McAdoo to style his new hairdoo.  The boys move onto the recent news of Ezekiel Elliott, offering their perspectives while the Hip reminds us all, regardless of one’s position, we will all be tuned in at 1PM every Sunday.  The Lip ties in the Kaepernick quandary to Elliott and the events of this past Saturday in Virginia, while both agree an NFL owner will eventually take the plunge on Colin.  The HMOZ focuses on the ever growing phenomenon that is Fantasy Football.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Mikkeller Brewing – Henry Hops

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