Episode 53 – Bird Is the Word

The Hip is back in Metropolitan NYC and that means a temporary suspension of the caressing voice.  The Hip bids farewell to his Wolverines and discusses how a near close encounter with the SC Gamecocks paved their way to the Final Four.  The boys give their full 2017 New York Yankees preview and how Michael Pineda’s ineffective wildness and opposing batter exit velocity contribute to the team’s downfall!  The Lip thinks the end is near for the Islanders after their latest home debacle and describes in painful detail some “hatchet work” by Sidney Crosby.  The guys enjoy a laugh over a “trolling” type of comment made by Islanders’ commentator Brendan Burke as part of the Hipstah Moment of Zenith.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Tree House Brewing Company – Julius

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