Episode 52 – Caressing Wolverines

The Hip is on the road!  To avoid any hotel disturbances, the Hip introduces to us his “caressing” voice to break down the first weekend of the NCAA tournament.  The Hip’s bracket is still intact while Mike Francesa’s has no Final Four teams remaining!  The Lip dazzles with the all encompassing college basketball mantra of “balance wins championships.”  The Hip provides a little “not so encouraging” Matt Harvey update while the Lip questions the New York Giants’ strategy regarding their left tackle.  The Lip devolves into full rant mode after the Cavs followed the Warriors’ blueprint of playing D-League squads on a nationally televised “Game of the Week.”  The duo cap off expressing their pessimism about the Islanders chances for the playoffs and the Lip pays homage to the greats, Chuck Berry and Jimmy Breslin.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Equilibrium Brewing – MC2

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