Episode 51 – Softly Spoken Tax Return

Hip and the Lip celebrate the release of Donald Trump’s 2nd grade book report length tax return!! The boys break down the soon to be NCAA basketball field of 64 teams and each provides one final four pick (get your pens ready!!). The Lip notes some hypocrisies and general unfairness of the NCAA basketball system. The Hip reveals his own “Hipster Moment of Nadir.” The Lip again chastises the Islanders’ GM on the heels of one of the worst goaltending performances of the season leading to the question… “Where’s Jaro?”  The segment concludes with the Lip expressing his man crush for the Islanders most recent call up.

Hipster Beers of the Week: Singlecut Beersmiths – Jenny Said and Double Dry Hopped Softly Spoken Magic Spells



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