Episode 64 – All the Leaves Are Brownish

The Hip and the Lip are back and BETTER…(well roughly the same).  They discuss the “Midsummer Classic,” which was anything but, although the Hip got a kick out of the chaotic stylings of the Home Run Derby starring Aaron Judge.  The guys then feel obliged to give a mid-term report card of the struggling Yankees and the dull and boring Mets.  The Hip takes umbrage with an inept twittah sent regarding “man of the people” Jose Reyes, while the Lip expresses excitement for all the anticipated newspaper columns regarding what strategy the Yankees should enact prior to the trade deadline.  Speaking of inept, the boys can only laugh at the combined $80M given to Tim Hardaway, Jr. and Ron Baker by “acting” Knicks president Steve Mills.  The Lip gives us all his Islander fix by speculating on the future of John Tavares as well as whether the Islanders will be playing alongside the ponies.  A potpourri of HMOZs including a “Wrigley Leaf” oozing with aura as well as another fat, pompous blowhard contaminating the airwaves at WFAN.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Monkish Brewing Co. – Rushing Radioactivity

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