Episode 46 – From Heroes To Villians

Hip and the Lip break down Super Bowl LI for those who are starved for more coverage of “The Big Game.”  The Lip commences the preview by sharing his “WGAS” attitude to the game and his preference of the “social aspects” of the viewing experience; the Hip points out that the Lip’s approach is precisely what the NFL wants to hear and is feeding into the overblown machination that the NFL has concocted.  The boys finally devolve into their breakdown of the game as the Lip stresses pass rush for the Falcons and the Hip questions whether the Pats defense can handle the impressive versatility that the Falcons offense possess.  The Hip introduces the Islanders – Barclays Center controversy by describing his flabbergast of the story leading the local 11 O’Clock news while the Lip brushes off the “story” as just headline grabbing fodder.

Hipster Beer of the Week: Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co – Vert Mont

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